Throughout history men have always questioned about the end of life, which has endeavored in every way they can avoid or procrastinate as much as possible, wanting to be more powerful than the gods who made us mortals. But if Russians think about, the results can be unexpected, awesome, disturbing. This is what is happening to the work of Russian tycoon Dmitry Itskov, “czar” of a media empire of all respect. He created what is called the ‘”2045 Initiative” http://2045.com, which aims precisely is to achieve in 2045 the complete immortality of human beings. Real life, accessible to everyone. Personally funding the project, he has decided to turn it to his peers, the Forbes list of billionaires, inviting 1,266 tycoons to finance the project with him, promising to give eternal life to all. “Many of you have achieved success thanks to your ideas, supporting the science, the arts and charities. I urge you to take note of the importance of funding scientific development in the field of cybernetics and artificial world of immortality: this research has the potential to free you from disease, old age and even death. Currently invested in business projects that will bring you even more business. Instead you have the ability to finance the extension of life to immortality. Our civilization has come very close to the creation of such technologies, it is no longer science fiction and it is in your power to ensure that this target is met. ”
The special quid of Initiative 2045 is that it is (would) acting in practice, really going to apply in actual research the conditions of possibility of a new prototype of a human being, really built, that will be completed in 2045. The idea is to gradually move the human mind in an incorporeal holographic avatar thanks to technology. The first step is to have by 2020 a humanoid robot controlled entirely by the human brain through a human-computer interface. In 2025, five years later, they will be able to transplant the human brain in conscious humanoid robot. The most disturbing passage and what upsets me personally is the third, that states that in 2035 they will be able to create an “avatar” with an artificial brain in which the individual can be transferred at the end of organic life. By then, according to the researchers of the project they will be able not only to understand the real nature of the concept of mind, understand where the memories, consciousness, the soul are, but also to be able to transfer them to an inanimate support, as the memory of a computer, and to be sure that “this thing” is really the person that they transferred from a” support human body animated” to a “technological post-human support.” During the last years of the project, but no later than 2045, this technological support will be replaced by a hologram provided by a full human consciousness, which takes his life from where we left our body.
Disturbing? Incredible? Some experts even outside the (even wide) exclusive circle of researchers who were engaged in the project argue that all this might make sense, and that the progress of science might be able to bring these results in 2045. This could help us to look with a different eye all those millionaires who, like Britney Spears, http://allwomenstalk.com/celebrities-who-are-into-cryogenics- … / Decided to do pay for cryogenics (freeze themselves for internal or only the head after death), in two U.S. institutions in Arizona (Alcor http://www.alcor.org) or Michighan (Cryonics Institute http://www.cryonics.org), or at the cheaper CryoRus http://old.kriorus.ru/en (only 9,000 dollars to get freeze) since 1972. The 2045 project, however, does not want just to preserve some wealthy few, but want to produce on the whole society of the planet the mutations that will take it out of the impasse into which we are now (destruction of our habitat, wealth-poverty gap). Lies? It’s appropriate to say, time will tell. But let’s think for a moment the practical implications and objective of freezing ourself, with a paradox. At the time of my “pseudo-death” and subsequent freezing, what will become of my goods? Definitely do not go to the heirs, but remain in my property, frozen, and also waiting for my “resurrection.” Even stopping the pedigrees, the riches will remain the only owners of all their goods, because frozen. And what if one day while I’m frozen my administrators will lose everything in a moment of chance in gambling at the markets? Will my hosts plug off the wire of the freezer and give me back to death to punish my pride?

Simona Caraceni

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