> ZERO ZERO ZERO: a book, a title, a vote.

In these days Roberto Saviano’s new book Zero Zero Zero is on sale, published by Feltrinelli.

roberto_savianoBefore that everybody sang the praises, maybe without reading it, but only because whatever someone, living under escort, writes is to be thought as pure gold, I may say what I personally think about it.
I premise I’m not anti-Saviano, nor I like criticizing somebody’s work only because it doesn’t meet my opinion.
Yet, before such a book, a reader who holds a minimum of conscience, cannot and has not to be silent.. .
Saviano is not only a writer who issues books and sales thousands of copies, without considering that what he writes may be liked or not.
Often , for instance, i took the side of Fabio Volo, Italian Paulo Coelho (or the poor people’s ) and that was every time he was criticized for his scripts contents banality, just as I am convinced that each one of us has to be free to write about what he prefers and, if he issues best sellers, he’s right to do so.


Saviano is a character who built his own life and career upon aspects that go over the business itself, proposing his own work as spokesman of inconvenient truth, risking his own life ( just too bad that all the other journalists living under escort are never mentioned, not to talk about those ones who don’t have the escort and risk their own skin, every day, and not between a tv performance and a radio interview!)
If Gomorra’s credit was to explain some mechanisms, someone couldn’t even imagine, in a precise and documented way, going beyond the simple complaint of Camorra as an organized criminal system, the credit of this last book can only consist in selling thousands of copies and provide with great profits the author and his publishing house.
A perfectly manufactured product, as a Mc Donalds Hamburger pretending to be the healthy and natural ultimate food resource.
The attractive covered book ( cocaine stripes always draw people attention as a generous pant that exposes considerable part of flesh ) is a banalities, over reported truth by numberless journalists recipient; journalists who risked their lives to investigate by infiltrating into the terrifying and ruthless narco traffic system, certainly not getting information thru Wikipedia or Italian judiciary enquiries; it’s an obviousness container made for a specific public ready to hosanna a little uncomfortable character who understood that footlights are more gratifying than a honor reward.

“ my ambition is to talk about a big business, the cocaine one, as a novel “ – says Saviano – “ It’s not a drug that carries away people from the society, as heroin does, but it matters of a performative drug. Not only disco people take it to get high for the night, but also who wants to work more and deeper.
It triggers a mechanism that deletes any guilty complex, and that creates a real dangerous spiral”

A great hidden truth, with no doubt, and also laid out thru a out of range typical sweetie little teacher voice: i.e. everybody sniffs cocaine but me, of course.
I read several books about cocaine, I met several people involved in the white snow abominable system.

Saviano should write his novels, shoud get out of the scoop and denounce game, it’s not necessary to carry on this way.
Here you have his revolutionary solution: “ the only way to fight the narco traffic is to legalize drugs in order to contrast the mafia and its profits, breaking the trade and illegal use vicious circle.

Ok about grammatical mistakes (that is “ qual è” with apostrophy in Italian in wrong) on Twitter and not wanting to admit to have made the mistake, ok his retouched picture on the cover as a 80s picture story, but writing banalities as if they were burning hot truth is just too much.

Francesco Aprile

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